Wednesday, October 26, 2005

DVD Plans Develop

I've been working on a DVD configuration for the film, and have a number of options on the table, besides the basic Director's commentary track, alternate language (We'll be dubbing into Italian - unfortunately we can only afford to pay one voice over artist right now, so she will be doing all the speaking parts), and outtakes.

Other features we are considering:

* video cast commentary track with video inserts from the cast taped live as they watch the film
* clips from some of the cast's other work
* recipes for Lubbock favorites like Pimento Cheese Spread, Green Marshallow Salad, and others
* clips from fan films now permeating the web
* "Shoes on the Road - the Documentary" which will be cool to include if we ever make a Shoes on the Road documentary
* a "where are they now" featurette


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